Why the name ‘Pangaea’?

Pangaea is defined as a “hypothetical super-continent that included all the landmasses of the earth before t

he Triassic Period”. Then Pangaea broke apart during the Triassic and Jurassic Periods and formed what we now know as the Earth’s separate continents.

Mike Horn chose the name Pangaea for his new expedition as it represents ‘the untouched world as it once was’.

Why the Pangaea Expedition?

This four-year journey of discovery is Mike Horn’s dream expedition, one which has taken much time and planning to realize. It’s also unique in that it serves as a powerful platform from which young adults can experience and explore the natural world, learn about its challenges, find possible solutions, and above all, act swiftly to help change things for the better.

How did it all begin?

With the world and its elements as his playground and passion, Mike Horn is acknowledged globally as one of the greatest modern day explorers. He’s crossed and swum the rivers, sailed the oceans solo, survived near-death environments, brutally extreme conditions and confronted nature at her most unforgiving. In two decades, he’s probably seen more of the earth than any other human.

Yet every step he took opened his eyes more to the alarming changes occurring in our environment. Ones that could affect our very existence…

Having accomplished his personal exploration goals, which armed him with a wealth of experience, Mike knew it was now time to lend his unique knowledge and expertise to motivate solutions for the challenges the planet faces.

He realized that the future of our planet lay solely in the hands of our youth, who if properly educated and informed, can save and sustain our world for generations to come.

Mike believes that caring for our life source is now an absolute necessity for every human being – and the problem is that we are losing respect for nature, forgetting her beauty and most importantly, her overwhelming power. All must accept responsibility and work as one using ingenuity, drive and courage to find new inspiration, hope and ambition. Together we can tap the world’s most powerful energy source – the younger generation – to help them find solutions for their tomorrows.

“This is a journey we will take together, fuelled simply by mutual passion and common goals. And while the challenges we face seem insurmountable I believe we must now take big steps towards ensuring our planet can be respected and appreciated by all future generations.” Mike Horn


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