North Pole Winter Night

My expedition in January 2006 gave new meaning to the term ‘walking on thin ice’.

It was an exciting and daunting new challenge. But one I could not do alone by law. Thankfully, renowned Norwegian arctic explorer, Borge Ousland took little convincing and joined me in a heartbeat. Together, we’d walk to the North Pole – but in the Arctic winter, without assistance or re-supply.

For two months we walked in total darkness, and often on paper-thin ice. Climbing huge blocks of jagged, razor-sharp crushed ice and crossing large areas of freezing arctic water by swimming was all in a day’s (or rather ‘night’s) work for us. And all the while we could feel the hidden gaze of the nearby polar bears upon us. This was a serious challenge.

After 60 days and exactly 3 hours we arrived at the North Pole, making us the first men ever to arrive at the Pole unaided and in the Arctic winter.

I’m sure I echo Borge’s sentiments in saying that I now appreciate why this expedition can never be done alone.

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