For me, the Amazon jungle and its river, is the most prolific showcase of Nature on our planet. Yet it is as magnificent and beautiful as it is deadly – making it an ideal location for an expedition. And as usual, I was going it alone and unassisted using a paraglider, hydrospeed and pirogue.

So, from the west coast of Peru, I set off, trekking 600km through the Peruvian Andes, climbing an altitude of 5800m to reach the summit of Mt Mismi, the source of the mighty Amazon River.

A voyage of 6700km now lay before me. I began by descending the spectacular white water canyons of the Amazon River. As I progressed, the riverbanks became my new home, where I rested, hunted, fished and just survived off whatever this awe-inspiring environment could provide me with.

The river bed then widened and the currents became much stronger. Eventually I had to swap my hydrospeed for a pirogue to fight against the tidal currents. It was 171 days and 7000km of ultimate survival until I reached the mouth of the river at Macapa – and tasted the saltwater of Atlantic Ocean, my finishing point.

The fact that many had tried but failed to achieve this, constantly stuck in my mind. And succeeding to travel the entire length of the mighty Amazon solo must be one of the greatest challenges I have ever done.

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